Presentation Summary
Local Government Technology and Disaster Preparedness Many local governments are incorporating land management technology tools (software) to work more efficiently and provide more citizen centric services online. While many of these jurisdictions might incorporate these tools to automate business processes such as Planning, Permitting, Licensing, and Code Enforcement, these tools are frequently overlooked when it comes to disaster preparedness and disaster management. In the event of a hurricane, earthquake, civil unrest or flood, citizens often turn to their local Government, hoping it is ready to respond. By leveraging existing data and tools such as GIS and the internet, local governments can implement
solutions to a variety of concerns, ranging from natural disaster to crime prevention.

About the Speaker:
Woody Jackson joined Municipal Software in August of 2005. Prior to joining Municipal Software, Mr. Jackson worked as General Manager of The Kane Agency, an employee benefits consulting company in Little Rock, AR. The Kane Agency specialized in automating enrollment and benefit management processes for companies in the State of Arkansas. Prior to The Kane Agency, Mr. Jackson worked as a senior level Sales and Marketing Manager for several different companies in the Consumer Electronics industry. He served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Sonigistix, a supplier of the Monsoon brand of computer peripherals to major OEM manufacturers such as Compaq, Gateway, Micron and Dell. Mr. Jackson also served in several different management positions (including President and CEO) with Klipsch, Inc. a well known manufacturer of audio products. He has a broad, senior level background in management of marketing and client relationship functions. Woody is responsible for managing relationships with all existing and prospective clients of Municipal Software in the Southeast United States.