FBI Cyber Investigations Synopsis
A general overview of what the FBI considers to be cyber crime, trends with regard to cyber threats, and investigative resources.

About The Speaker
Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Will Blevins holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Arkansas, as well as a Law degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.  SSA Blevins served as an Assistant City Attorney in North Little Rock, Arkansas for approximately 2 years before joining the FBI in January of 1991.  SSA Blevins’ first office of assignment was the San Diego Division, and in late 1996 he was selected to initiate the San Diego Division’s first Cyber Crime squad.  SSA Blevins coordinated the San Diego Division Computer Crime Program and conducted computer intrusion investigations in San Diego until his transfer to the Dallas Division of the FBI in June of 1998.  SSA Blevins continued working computer intrusion and critical infrastructure protection cases in Dallas until his promotion to FBI Headquarters in March of 2001.  At FBIHQ, SSA Blevins was detailed to the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, where he represented the National Infrastructure Protection Center / Training and Continuing Education Unit, which was responsible for cyber crime training for investigators and law enforcement personnel worldwide.  In August of 2002, the Cyber Division of the FBI was established, and SSA Blevins was the first agent selected to develop and conduct cyber crime training in the newly created Specialized Training Unit.  In December of 2005, SSA Blevins was selected to supervise the Cyber Crime Squad in the Little Rock Division of the FBI, where he now acts as the Program Manager for all computer intrusion and cyber crime operations for the state of Arkansas.  SSA Blevins has extensive computer intrusion investigative experience, and has developed curriculum and conducted cyber crime training for over 3,000 law enforcement officers worldwide in the areas of computer intrusion and cyber crime investigations.