About The Speaker

Present Work Title: Associate Professor, Johnson & Wales University, Department of Criminal Justice Studies – Chairperson

Total length of time in a formal leadership role: I have had various leadership roles throughout my professional life. I retired from the FBI as an executive; my title was Chief, Undercover and Sensitive Operations. In this capacity I worked directly with the Directors of the FBI, CIA, NSA and President’s Advisor to National Security. I also had the privilege of working with Attorney General Janet Reno. I was Chairperson for the Federal Working Group for Covert Operations, and was the Delegate for the United States in the International Working Group for Undercover Activities. In my present role, I am the lead person for the coordination and delivery of the Criminal Justice Program.

Comments on “Change” as it relates to my experience with reform, restructuring and renewal: Change in our world today is not only inevitable, but it is constant. Understanding how change will impact organizations and individuals is vital to success. Sudden change, evolutionary change, re-structuring change and change that brings renewal to individuals and organizations follows a process and development that can be studied and useful in managing change and predicting outcomes. Since change is inevitable, one must be able to adapt to the new circumstances as a result of change. Therefore, development of change strategies and the ability to adapt are key ingredients in successful navigation within organizations. Life is a journey, not a guided tour.