Stan Stahl

About The Speaker

Dr. Stan Stahl has a wide and diverse background of growth, innovation and
achievement in the management of technology and its strategic application to
business performance. During his career he has been COO of an online management
education and training company, a strategic management consultant specializing in
business performance, a software engineer, a research scientist, and a mathematics

An information security pioneer, Dr. Stahl has provided technology-sophisticated
information security services to the White House, Department of Defense, NASA,
and numerous middle-market companies.

Dr. Stahl and his business partner, Ms. Kimberly Pease, co-founded Citadel
Information Group to assist organizations more effectively secure their critical information assets. The
company provides information security management services to business, government, and the not-for-profit

Dr. Stahl earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from The University of Michigan and spent nearly 15 years teaching
university mathematics. Once an active mathematics researcher, Dr. Stahl has published more than a dozen
papers in recursion theory, set theory and computer science. He recently served on the faculty at the University
of Southern California in the School of Engineering’s Information Technology Program.

Highlights of Dr. Stahl’s information security portfolio include:

  • President, Los Angeles Chapter, Information Systems Security Association
  • Information security author, including Information Security Management Handbook, 5th and 6th Editions
  • Invited speaker on information security at conferences, seminars and workshops, both in the US and internationally
  • Provided security and assurance solutions to Peacekeeper Nuclear Missile and other advanced Department of Defense and NASA systems, including those serving the White House, Strategic Air Command, and Cheyenne Mountain
    • Invited-Member of White House Presidential Task Force, recommending government strategies to better secure private-sector computer and communications systems
    • Invited-Member of National Information Security Study Group, supporting National Security Agency and Department of Commerce in determining national information security needs
    • Led design teams prototyping first provably-secure firewall and first provable multilevel secure database management system
    • Developed first formal general-purpose mathematically-sound information security model; co-developed Fundamental Equation of Information Security
    • As Ashton-Tate Director of Software Engineering, implemented the first Software Engineering Institute Software Process Improvement Program in the microcomputer software industry
    • Past-Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Continuity Insights and author of TechTalk column
    • Past-Member of Steering Committee and Program Chair of Los Angeles Software Process Improvement Network (SPIN)