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Thank you for your interest in The IT Summit. From the links above, you will see the prices, the options, the agreement, and an attendee list from a recent conference. We welcome the same types and numbers of attendees to each summit. Our events are all intentionally similar. You will see approximately 400 attendees, 50 exhibit booths and 20 presentations that run concurrently in three speaking theaters. Each event is a single day. At most of our programs, the exhibits, presentations, luncheon, reception, and networking all occur in a single room so you are face to face with the IT executives all day. We encourage you to engage your partners to share marketing funds. We will feature you both, even when you share the cost. Up to five of your staff members are encouraged to attend at no extra cost to not only work your booth, but to work the entire room. An unlimited number of your C-level IT-executive clients and prospects are invited to attend at no cost to you or to them, as your guests.

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