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Seattle IT Seminars

The IT Summit: The Ultimate Conference series presents The IT Summit’s Seattle IT Seminars

IT program face a number of ever changing factors, ranging from changes in technology to changes in threats to the system. Building and managing a successful IT program depends on being able to deal with this ever-changing environment. The IT Summit’s Seattle IT Seminars are an ideal tool to aid in that endeavor. The IT Summit’s Seattle IT Seminars are a forum for communication and exchange of ideas and information, and are designed specifically for IT professionals. The IT Summit’s Seattle IT Seminars are overseen by an executive board made up of IT professionals. This oversight ensures that the Seattle IT Seminars are focused providing information which is relevant, useful and educational to the IT professionals. As a result of this focus and industry participation, The IT Summit’s Seattle IT Seminars have given IT professionals the opportunity to hear IT industry leaders speak on a variety of topics that are important to IT leaders and professionals. Some of the featured IT leaders who have spoken at the Seattle IT Seminars include: Allan Braish, Software Consultant for Data Center Infrastructure Management, APC by Schneider Electric; Matt Hur, the Senior Director of Product Management for Centrify Corporation; Tony Tomarchio, Director of Field Engineering, SIOS Technology Corporation.

If you and your staff have not yet attended one of The IT Summit’s Seattle IT Seminars you are missing an unparalleled opportunity to expand your IT knowledge and to build a stronger foundation for developing your IT Strategies. Take a few moments to check out The IT Summit’s Seattle IT Seminars and find out what you have missed.