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Phoenix IT Seminars

The IT Summit: The Ultimate Conference series presents The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars

If you are involved in IT you know that one of the best way to find out what’s happening is by sharing information with your peers. You also know that seminars are a great way to get information in concentrated form. The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars are made for you. The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars provide the ideal opportunity to IT leaders and professionals for education, communication and exchange of ideas and information which are focused on their needs and interests.  The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars are not only designed with the IT Leader and Professional by the executive board made up of top IT professionals from the region who oversee the planning and organization of The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars. As a result, The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars feature seminars given by some of the most informative IT leaders available. Featured speakers have included: Dr. Stephen Welsh, CIO for the Arizona Department of Corrections; Ty Howard, CIO for the  Arizona Department of Water Resources; Brent Stark, Regional Sales Manager, Biamp; Debbie Christofferson Vice President of Strategic Sales/International Board Director & CISO Advisory Council Chair, ISSA (Information Systems Security Association); Ray Rivera, CIO, TASER.

Be sure to complete registrations for The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars on behalf of yourself and your staff . Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to expand your IT knowledge and to build a stronger foundation for developing your IT Strategies. Take a few moments to check out The IT Summit’s Phoenix IT Seminars and find out what you have missed.