The CIO, the Enterprise, and the Ghost Hunter

The CIO, the Enterprise and the Ghost Hunter: New Term in Social Media—“Groundswell” (Business Week Bestselling Book): “Is a social trend in which people use technologies to get things they need from each other, rather than from traditional institutions like corporations” (Li, and Bernoff, 2008) … At the October 20th 2010 IT Summit in Los Angeles a second but related term will be released, 11 days before Halloween known as “Ghos(t)”… Ghost Definition: “Ghost” is the secondary value of technology that vanished even though it maintained a useful life to someone or something! Internationally recognized Project Manager, CIO and Keller Graduate School (MBA)Senior Faculty, Ty Howard, PMP speaks to the billions of dollars of technical assets (“Ghosts”) that vanish into thin air annually even though they maintained a useful life to someone or something. He discusses his experience as a CIO in presenting a solution to the Governor’s Office that could save the state over $300 million over a five year window by sharing and filtering technology among 154 agencies and quips how he experienced an awakening after visiting a “Technology Grave Yard” for the first time. Mr. Howard takes a bold stance on proper asset inventory, tracking, management; sharing and disposal of technology around us and creating a “true” pre-owned technology market, in which others could benefit. IT Executives are faced with the challenge of taking a closer look in regards to security risk (Is it doable?) being worth taking as well as weighing and balancing the need to achieve an additional return on assets. The broader question is explored: Do we IT leaders have a greater moral (and business) obligation to society and stakeholders at large? He also ends with the challenge to IT Executives to register now and become part of a transformational movement via and team to conquer the digital divide—reduce eWaste and help facilitate small business entrepreneurship around technology and related services. (Preregister at to receive automatic notification of launch and access to begin creating a personal or organizational account).