About The Speaker
Lt. Gen. Michael W. Peterson is Chief of Warfighting Integration and Chief Information Officer, Office of the Secretary of the Air Force, the Pentagon, Washington, D.C. Lt. Gen. Peterson leads four directorates and four field operating agencies, consisting of 1,600 personnel, in managing a C4ISR portfolio valued at $17 billion. He integrates Air Force warfighting and mission support capabilities to shorten the kill chain and decision cycle by networking space, air and terrestrial assets. Additionally, he shapes doctrine, strategy, and policy for all communications and information activities while driving standards governance, innovation, and architectures for information systems and personnel.

General Peterson entered the Air Force in 1974 as a distinguished graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi ROTC program. He directed Air Force communications supporting the air war over Serbia and no-fly zone operations over southern Iraq. He has served in multiple staff assignments, including two major air commands as Director of Communications and Information Systems, and recently as the air component representative to U.S. Strategic Command. General Peterson has commanded at the squadron, group and wing levels, including the 81st Training Wing at Keesler AFB, Miss.

Topic Synopsis: Innovate, Integrate, Dominate
Lt Gen Michael Peterson will discuss information technology contributions in winning the Global War on Terrorism, recapitalizing and modernizing the Air Force, and taking care of Airmen.  His presentation will include examples of ongoing warfighting integration initiatives, their operational impacts on joint and coalition warfighters, and a discussion of future integration requirements and programs.