About The Speaker
Les Squires is Co-founder Group Commons LLCPresident, Word Jenny Inc.

Squires’ middle name is Collaboration. Serving for 15 years on the 32,000 member Boston Computer Society, and having headed a Boston-based application development company for 25 years, he blends what makes for successful information technology projects and successful organizational development. Clients served include Microsoft, IBM, Massachusetts DOE, Dynamics Research Corporation, New England Telephone, Parker Brothers, SAAB, Disney, LoJack and many more.

Squires believes that the dialogue is a company’s most valuable asset. The market is a conversation — B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C and now, Group to Group (G2G). His primary goal is to provide information technology and community building support services — IT insofar as it removes drudgery from the human condition, and community building insofar as it inspires us to new and invigorated human networks and practices. Les is the current Executive Director of the Colorado Internet Keiretsu and sits on the boards of Colorado startups.

Topic Synopsis: The CIO Collaboration Rountable
If you were the keynote speaker at this year’s Denver meeting, and you were handed the mic and told that everybody would implement your best collaboration practice, what would you ask the group to implement?

The purpose of this Roundtable is to collect requests from you and your peers in government, education, economic development, corporate communities and the private sector; and then to set up 10-20 CIO’s, VPs of IT to design a collaboration space appropriate for year-round collaboration. In other words, the May Denver conference will not end when the event ends. The Denver event will be a beginning and renewed each year by face-to-face contact. We’ll know that the roundtable has been successful if when we get together again in 2008, the event seems more of a "family reunion" than "just another conference".

The IT Summit responds in this Rountable to your demand to build partnerships with your peers, in Denver and nationwide. The IT Summit is extending its "event management" into "year-round collaboration management". Come join us. The IT Summit is providing the infrastructure. You will have a hand in developing the specifics of the collaborative and in making sure that it continues to serve you and your peers going forward.