About The Speaker
Larry, co-founder of w3w3.com Talk Radio, has more than three decades of experience as an entrepreneur in six countries. Larry is the producer of w3w3®, a published author, trainer and most notably a business development architect. He has been a consultant to both public and private sector organizations including AT&T, Children’s Hospital, First National Bank, General Electric, IRS, Microsoft, 3M, US Forest Service, US West, IBM, United Way, Toyota, Toledo Edison, University of Wisconsin, Mobil Oil, Time Insurance and many, many more.

Purpose of w3w3.com Talk Radio
w3w3.com Talk Radio is a blend of Internet talk radio, an online business magazine and an aggregator of business development strategies. Although it has a worldwide reach, w3w3® is community focused, in Colorado, the first of many state bureaus. w3w3.com has launched both a PodCast Directory and multiple Blogs in 2006.

Three-part Mission of w3w3® Talk Radio (Customers, Sponsors & Community)
w3w3® supports the right that the average person’s experience of the World Wide Web is enjoyable, informative and safe by providing an on-demand menu of programs, materials and resources, 24/7.
w3w3® is committed to support the efforts of our sponsors to be profitable and serve as a vehicle to help get their message out as well as keep their prospects informed about the sponsor’s latest developments.
w3w3® actively supports a full range of associations, public events and public sector organizations by offering access to a Web Community Calendar, portal pages and announcements about their activities.
Target Audience (Listeners, Readers & Attendees)
w3w3® offers online interviews and speeches 24/7 with 15 different topic Channels. The interviews range from short 2 to 5 minutes to longer in-depth interviews. While the various Channels appeal to a broad and expanding audience, the interviews have a high-tech bent and are quite topic targeted and deliver a learning experience to the listeners. Even those with a 28K modem connection can enjoy their favorite program.