About The Speaker
George is a technology executive with 20 years of experience in building and leading high performance organizations that deliver breakthrough results through learning and knowledge innovations. George has helped several market leaders including Accenture, Avaya, Microsoft, and Sun Microsystems break into new markets and drive profitable revenue growth through learning technology and service innovations. George hold an MBA from the University of Kansas and a BSEE from Wichita State University.

Topic Synopsis: The four stages of e-Learning:
A maturity model for network-based organizational learning.
The market for network-based learning has exploded in the last five years, reaching more than $14 billion in products and services today.  This presentation reviews the corporate e-learning market in detail. It lays out a typical solution framework and describes trends in organizational learning delivery and management. It identifies a maturity model for e-learning: the three key stages that organizations go through.  For each stage, the presentation provides guidelines for successful implementation and how organizations can determine their own maturity.  It then describes the “fourth stage” – the new approaches which we believe are coming next.

The objectives of this presentation are to:

  • Describe the e-learning market, its size, and growth.
  • Describe the three stages of organizational e-learning maturity to help decision makers identify where they are and where they may be going.
  • Identify the key technology and usage trends that training and IT organizations should use in planning for new investments.
  • Provide our perspectives on where organizational e-learning is headed.