About The Speaker
Elizabeth Bowles is a recognized expert in technology and Internet law, an entrepreneur, a seasoned advocate against spam, and a gifted professional speaker.  Elizabeth speaks before audiences as varied as the American Bar Association, television audiences, and community groups. Elizabeth serves on the American Bar Association Cyberspace Law Committee. She is currently Chair of the American Bar Association Anti-Spam working group and Co-Chair of the Anti-Spyware sub-committee. She frequently provides background information and legal expertise to media and community groups in both English and Spanish.

Elizabeth Bowles is President of Aristotle.net, a division of Aristotle Inc. and a nationally recognized Internet and Application Service Provider. Since 2003 her leadership has enabled the company to expand its service area to cover all 50 states and to develop new server based email and application hosting technologies. Aristotle’s commitment to providing the highest quality of Internet technologies and customer service combined with Elizabeth’s strong anti-spam stance have made Aristotle a nationally recognized leader in the fight against spam. Elizabeth has been actively involved in the development of national spam legislation, writing a spam white paper for the FTC prior to the conception of the Can Spam act and consulting with the FTC and other major ISP’s regarding implementation of the Act. In addition to her responsibilities as President, Elizabeth serves as General Counsel of Aristotle, Inc. As a technology and legal expert, Elizabeth appears on regional and national news and talk shows and is sought after as a consultant and keynote speaker.  Her current comments on the Spam Registry Law are on file with the FTC.