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Drive Huge Revenues Through Events, and We’ll Show YOU How
by Fred F. Farkel, Thursday, September 8th, 2011


Why are you in business? To deliver your products and services? To support your industry? To give back? To do good while doing well? Sure. There are plenty of reasons you’re in business. But the bottom line is your bottom line. You are in business to make a profit. Everything you have and do contributes to your profitability. Your IT group, R&D, your partners, your sales team, etc are all in place to help drive profits. What is the most direct driver of revenue? Everyone knows that marketing is. Your marketing efforts are, or should be, your highest priority when it comes to pushing sales numbers. Where should those marketing efforts be focused? TV? Radio? Billboards? Your logo on the side of a bus? Those are certainly options, but they’re sure difficult to measure. Your marketing programs need to produce measurable, quantifiable results. If I spend X, I need X++ in return, and I need to be able to support that spend with hard sales numbers. Where can you absolutely track and measure your marketing investment, and make the most of your investment? Trade shows and events.

Trade shows and events are absolutely essential to your sales success. Internationally acclaimed sales and business leader Chet Holmes lists events as one of the Seven Musts of Marketing. Events put you one-on-one with buyers of your solutions. When you work  events correctly, you will come away with numerous new and potential business relationships. The effective use of events will propel your sales to new heights. I’ve been in sales since before I even graduated from college, and running event production companies since 1997. The following series is a course of study that will produce skyrocketing sales numbers, and make you stand out as the leader in your industry.  Over the next few months I’ll share with you proven techniques that companies use to make trade show marketing successful; and what they do to remain consistently successful in trade show marketing.

The IT Summit brings together technology buyers and sellers in tightly focused events.  If you are a CIO and would like to join the Executive Board and help set direction for The IT Summit events, please contact Wes Sherman.  Wes can be reached at

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