Synopsis: Winning the Hearts and Minds of Kids
There is good news: We have acknowledged the problems, we have developed the media, and now we are spreading the word.  For years, we have been loosing the battle to produce scientists and engineers, however, IEEE’s strategic thinking is now providing leadership to connect students, scientists, teachers, engineers.  Ms. Fisher will present the latest information and materials to encourage and enable students to achieve careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.  Highlights of various efforts underway for TV programming, film and print to improve the image, a comprehensive list of resources will be available.  We will discuss IEEE’s vision and work with education and industry to attract and retain some of our nation’s brightest kids, along with Ms. Fisher’s personal experiences.  Finally, what lies ahead?  Next steps, and how you can make a difference in the coming years.

At year-end 2004, the 38 IEEE Societies and four IEEE Technical Councils provided an unmatched ability to embrace the breadth and depth of existing technologies and to represent emerging and converging areas of interest.  The IEEE encompasses 307 Sections, 1,446 Chapters, 1,333 Student Branches, and 345 Student Branch Chapters in 150 countries. 

About The Speaker
For over two decades Ms. Fisher has been addressing student issues, including the digital divide, public policy as it relates to privacy and security (COPPA), and working directly with kids.  Originating a variety of intern programs, she received special notice from Pres. George Bush for her work with the community, and worked with the NYC program: City As Schools.  She now chairs the IEEE Pre-College Committee for Colorado, Wyoming and South Dakota.

As a consultant she has worked with Mitsubishi/NTT DoCoMo to develop portal and content for iMode phones, public portals for government, both federal and local, along with educational portals for students, parents and teachers.  As solution lead in HP’s eBusiness Practice, she developed transformation strategies incorporating portals and mobility solutions.  Her private sector work includes the online presence of,, and Yahoo.  Prior to devoting her time to the Internet world, she worked tirelessly as an Educational Facilities Planner, where she faced head-on the many challenges of communicating to children and adolescents.

Dusty Fisher advises clients, investors, technology research groups and participates in emerging technology councils and panels.