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Deploying a modern hyperscale storage platform on commodity infrastructure
by Fred F. Farkel, Tuesday, October 7th, 2014


According to the 2014 IDC EMC Digital Universe Study, the digital universe is doubling in size every two years. The amount of data we create and copy will reach 44 zettabytes (44 trillion gigabytes) by 2020. Over two thirds of that 44 zettabytes is unstructured data generated by end users, yet 85% of that user-generated content is managed by an enterprise IT department at some point in its lifecycle. This explosive data growth is forcing companies of all sizes to explore more efficient data storage strategies which allow them to deliver storage services at cloud scale, allow them to meet new application and user demands while providing operational efficiency at scale. These demands are requiring companies to take a new approach to information storage.

What is that approach? Our friends from EMC have the answer to that question: ViPR Software-Defined Storage.

What is ViPR Software-Defined Storage? In short, it is a unified storage platform that provides a single control plane for multi-vendor, heterogeneous storage systems. The ViPR Software-Defined Storage platform forms the infrastructure that hosts ViPR Services, which support object, HDFS, and block storage on commodity hardware. The folks from EMC have made their white paper entitled “VIPR SERVICES STORAGE ENGINE ARCHITECTURE WHITE PAPER: Deploy a modern hyperscale storage platform on commodity infrastructure” available for you which details this solution. After you have read this informative document, we encourage you to contact your local EMC representative or authorized reseller, visit the EMC website, or explore and compare products in the EMC Store to learn more about EMC products, services, and solutions and how they can help solve your business and IT challenges.

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