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Denver Information Technology Conferences

The IT Summit: The Ultimate Conference series presents The IT Summit’s Denver Information Technology Conferences

The IT Summit’s Denver Information Technology Conferences are the premier events for IT professionals in Colorado. If you haven’t attended, you have missed out on a “must attend” event. The Executive Board of regional IT professionals which oversee’s The IT Summit’s Denver Information Technology Conferences ensures the conferences provide Colorado IT executives and their teams the information and solutions they need; information that addresses real-world opportunities and challenges. The IT Summit’s Denver Information Technology Conferences also provide educational and networking resources. The IT Summit’s Denver Information Technology Conferences offer the opportunity for face-to-face interaction and on-on-one networking among information technology peers. The IT Summit’s Denver Information Technology Conferences is also a great place to learn about The IT Summit’s IT Match. The IT Match is an extension of the Denver Information Technology Conference offering IT managers and professionals the opportunity to create a personalized version the Denver Information Technology Conference to address the specific technology needs of their individual company.

Be sure to take full advantage of The IT Summit Denver Information Technology Conferences informational seminars. Recent IT Summit Denver Information Technology Conferences have featured topics dealing with issues of knowledge as IP; advanced threat prevention; leveraging location intelligence to serve customers; IT support in the era of mobile devices; IEEE AVB standards; 2012 Technology Trends (outsourced IT infrastructure, remote management and help desk support); evolution of technology, and government print and mail; talent recruitment and retention as a component of IT; big data map/reduce technology and relational/multi-dimensional database mixed environments; managing the information “explosion”; unified communication solutions; application clouds and disaster recovery; the cloud, virtualization and VMWare; security and society; aligning web technology with marketing strategy; the cloud, hybrid hosting and OpenStack; unified communications architecture with SIP Trunking; 3D Security Vision (security for the next decade)

Another benefit of The IT Summit Denver Information Technology Conferences is the opportunity to interact directly with vendors such as AITP, ASIS Denver Chapter, Avema Critical Wireless, BiAmp Systems, Bridgeline Digital, CenterBeam, Check Point Software Technologies, ESRI, ForTrust Data Center Services, ISSA, Kelly IT Resources, Luxury Prize Sponsor, Oracle User Productivity Kit, Platte River Networks, State of Colorado, ViaTech.

You owe it to yourself and your company to attend The IT Summit Denver Information Technology Conferences.