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Cyber Security News of the Week, June 8, 2014
by Fred F. Farkel, Monday, June 9th, 2014


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Online Pirates Thrive on Legitimate Ad Dollars: LOS ANGELES — Movie and music piracy thrives online in part because crafty website operators receive advertising dollars from major companies like Comcast, Ford and McDonald’s. The New York Times, June 3, 2014

Cyber Attack

They Hack Because They Can: The Internet of Things is coming….to a highway sign near you? In the latest reminder that much of our nation’s “critical infrastructure” is held together with the Internet equivalent of spit and glue, authorities in several U.S. states are reporting that a hacker has once again broken into and defaced electronic road signs over highways in several U.S. states. KrebsOnSecurity, June 5, 2014

Cyber Warning

2 weeks to prepare for ‘powerful’ virus strike-back in major malware offensive: The UK has warned its computer-users they have two weeks to protect their machines from two powerful viruses, GameOver Zeus and Cryptolocker, after a US-led multinational operation announced a coordinated takedown of malware. RT, June 2, 2014

Cyber Security Management – Cyber Defense

Google Previews Gmail Encryption: Gmail users will soon be able to encrypt their messages easily with End-to-End, a free Chrome extension. Google on Tuesday introduced software called End-to-End to encrypt Gmail messages in transit and simultaneously published data about encryption usage by email providers, as if to shame companies with indifferent security practices. Information Week, June 4, 2014

Alert (TA14-150A) – GameOver Zeus P2P Malware: GameOver Zeus (GOZ), a peer-to-peer (P2P) variant of the Zeus family of bank credential-stealing malware identified in September 2011, uses a decentralized network infrastructure of compromised personal computers and web servers to execute command-and-control. The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), in collaboration with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), is releasing this Technical Alert to provide further information about the GameOver Zeus botnet. US-CERT, June 2, 2014

So long, TrueCrypt: 5 alternative encryption tools that can lock down your data: Open-source legend TrueCrypt may be gone, but the usefulness of full disk encryption carries on. So what’s a crypto fan to do now for their encryption needs? PCWorld, May 30, 2014

Cyber Security Management – Cyber Update

OpenSSL fixes another severe vulnerability: The OpenSSL project has reported fixes for several vulnerabilities, at least one of them serious. ZDNet, June 5, 2014

Securing the Village

Cybersecurity Expert Richard A. Clarke and LA County District Attorney Jackie Lacey Spoke at ISSA-LA 6th Annual Information Security Summit on Cybercrime Solutions: Nearly 800 of the country’s leading cybercrime experts, information security professionals, company CEOs and other C-suite business executives recently attended the 6th Annual Information Security Summit, The Growing Cyber Threat: Protect Your Business, that was held by the Los Angeles Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA-LA). The diverse group of attendees reflected the new reality that cybercrime impacts the financial stability of all organizations and industries such as business, nonprofits, government agencies, schools, healthcare and financial services. The Summit advances ISSA-LA’s core belief that ‘It takes the village to secure the village’ SM. PRWeb, June 2, 2014

Cyber Underworld

Peek Inside a Professional Carding Shop: Over the past year, I’ve spent a great deal of time trolling a variety of underground stores that sell “dumps” — street slang for stolen credit card data that buyers can use to counterfeit new cards and go shopping in big-box stores for high-dollar merchandise that can be resold quickly for cash. By way of explaining this bizarro world, this post takes the reader on a tour of a rather exclusive and professional dumps shop that caters to professional thieves, high-volume buyers and organized crime gangs. KrebsOnSecurity, June 4, 2014

Cyber Research

Automating Cybersecurity: If only computers themselves were smart enough to fight off malevolent hackers. The New York Times, June 2, 2014

Cyber Law

UK proposes harsher sentences for hackers: The UK government believes hackers who cause “catastrophic” damage should be imprisoned for life, Queen Elizabeth II said in a speech today, proposing a crime bill that would update the 1990 Computer Misuse Act. The Verge, June 4, 2014

Cyber Misc

13 Google Search Tricks That Make Life A Whole Lot Easier: You think you know how to Google? You don’t know how to Google. Huffington Post, June 4, 2014

Cyber Sunshine

Secret Global Strike Kills 2 Malicious Web Viruses: WASHINGTON — Federal agents over the weekend secretly seized control of two computer networks that hackers used to steal millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims. In doing so, the Justice Department disrupted the circulation of two of the world’s most pernicious viruses and turned a 30-year-old Russian computer hacker into a most-wanted fugitive. The New York Times, June 2, 2014

‘Operation Tovar’ Targets ‘Gameover’ ZeuS Botnet, CryptoLocker Scourge: The U.S. Justice Department is expected to announce today an international law enforcement operation to seize control over the Gameover ZeuS botnet, a sprawling network of hacked Microsoft Windows computers that currently infects an estimated 500,000 to 1 million compromised systems globally. Experts say PCs infected with Gameover are being harvested for sensitive financial and personal data, and rented out to an elite cadre of hackers for use in online extortion attacks, spam and other illicit moneymaking schemes. KrebsOnSecurity, June 2, 2014

Cyber Calendar

Information Systems Infrastructure Security Management: This security course covers physical and logical security over datacenters, buildings, and offices. It will define a management program that protects assets across all levels of technology and the core components that support that technology. It will analyze hacking methodology and how to create a functioning IT Infrastructure program for businesses, whether large or small. It will include change management scenarios and how to approach daily business security issues from an IT perspective. Much of the challenge of IT security remains the fundamental fact that management does not see it as a profit center and as long as there has been no reported breach there is clearly nothing to worry about. With this as a starting point we will investigate how best to explore the myriad options for network security.Internet access required to retrieve course materials. UCLA Extension, Start Date: June 24, 2014

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