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Cyber Security News of the Week, January 19, 2014
by Fred F. Farkel, Monday, January 20th, 2014


Guest column by Citadel Information Group

Cyber Crime

A First Look at the Target Intrusion, Malware: Last weekend, Target finally disclosed at least one cause of the massive data breach that exposed personal and financial information on more than 110 million customers: Malicious software that infected point-of-sale systems at Target checkout counters. Today’s post includes new information about the malware apparently used in the attack, according to two sources with knowledge of the matter. KrebsOnSecurity, January 15, 2014

Target confirms malware used on point-of-sale terminals: During an interview with CNBC, retailer’s CEO defends four-day delay in notifying customers of security breach as necessary for the investigation and preparation for consumer reaction. Cnet, January 12, 2014

Yahoo says malware attack farther reaching than thought: The company posts guidelines for Yahoo users worried about infection and says people outside Europe may have been hit. It also says the attacks went on longer than previously reported. CNet, January 11, 2014

Cryptolocker scrambles eight years of data belonging to US town hall: The Cryptolocker ransom Trojan has claimed another victim in small-town America, scrambling eight years-worth of files held by a New Hampshire town authority. Some are believed to be irretrievable. ComputerWorld, January 7, 2014

Cyber Attack

Is your refrigerator really part of a massive spam-sending botnet?: Security researchers have published a report that Ars is having a tough time swallowing, despite considerable effort chewing—a botnet of more than 100,000 smart TVs, home networking routers, and other Internet-connected consumer devices that recently took part in sending 750,000 malicious e-mails over a two-week period. ArsTechnica, January 17, 2014

Cyber Privacy

The Next Data Privacy Battle May Be Waged Inside Your Car: Cars are becoming smarter than ever, with global positioning systems, Internet connections, data recorders and high-definition cameras. Drivers can barely make a left turn, put on their seatbelts or push 80 miles an hour without their actions somehow, somewhere being tracked or recorded. The New York Times, January 10, 2014

Cyber Warning

Java ‘Icefog’ Malware Variant Infects U.S. Businesses: Beware Java-based malware that’s been used to exploit at least three US-based organizations. DarkReading, January 15, 2014

STARBUCKS APP STORES USER INFORMATION, PASSWORDS IN CLEAR TEXT: A vulnerability in Starbucks’ mobile app could be putting coffee drinkers’ information–including their usernames, email addresses and passwords–at risk. ThreatPost, January 15, 2014

Cyber Security Management – Cyber Update

ORACLE PATCH UPDATE TAKES ON 36 JAVA VULNERABILITIES: All has been relatively quiet of late on the Java security front, which is in stark contrast to a year ago when Java was the scourge of the Internet. Vulnerabilities in Java were being exploited at an alarming rate in a number of targeted attacks including watering hole attacks against prominent government agencies, manufacturers and activists. ThreatPost, January 15, 2014

Securing the Village

LA Is Actively Seeking Cyber Security Experts: As the public-at-large continues to become more subservient to advancing technology, its susceptibility to social media fraud and corporate security breaches has become burdensome. Daily lives and economic solvency are at stake. To the rescue is the near-six-figure cyber security profession, an effective cyber warfare weapon that out-smarts pathological terrorist groups, relentless criminals and even disgruntled employees. [David Lam, Citadel VP Technology Management Services, is quoted] CBS Los Angeles, January 13, 2014

Cyber Research

RESEARCHERS FIND BEST TIME FOR HACKERS TO STRIKE: For hackers, timing is key. At least that’s according to a group of University of Michigan based researchers that authored a paper on hacking and how timing could factor into the decisions and decision making processes engaged in by cyber criminals. Digital Trends, January 14, 2014

Cyber Law

Calif. senators intro bill to stop state from aiding NSA spying: Two California senators have introduced legislation that would ban state agencies, officials – and even corporations providing services to the state – from assisting the National Security Agency’s sweeping surveillance of citizens. SC Magazine, January 9, 2014

Cyber Misc

BitTorrent Creator’s New Software DissidentX Hides Secrets In Plain Sight: Encryption tools help people keep secrets. Bram Cohen has a more subtle ambition: he wants to help people keep secret the act of keeping secrets. Forbes, January 15, 2014

Cell Phones Let Cops Track People For A Thousandth Of The Price, Study Finds: It’s no secret that the ability to track a cell phone has led to a sea change in law enforcement surveillance methods. But now a pair of researchers have actually put a number to the plummeting cost of that covert spying in the modern world: Tracking a cell phone’s location, they found, costs somewhere between 1.9% and .015 % of the price of tailing someone the old fashioned way. Forbes, January 9, 2014

RSA boycott splits security industry on tactic’s effectiveness: Some see protest as justified, others believe it to be impulse reaction to reports of RSA collaboration with NSA. CSO, January 9, 2014

Cyber Calander

Join OWASP Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Santa Barbara, and the Bay Area as we join forces to host AppSec California!: AppSec California is the first of hopefully many annual conferences hosted by all of the California chapters. Join us on the beaches of Santa Monica which is closest to our Los Angeles Chapter. Space is limited to around 200 attendees so be sure to get your ticket before we sell out! AppleSec CA 2014, Event Date: January 27-28

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