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City of Los Angeles Technology & Education Summit

The IT Summit: The Ultimate Conference series presents The IT Summit’s City of Los Angeles Technology & Education Summit

Beginning in 2008 and running through 2010, The IT Summit in partnership with the City of Los Angeles produced “The City of Los Angeles Technology & Education Summit”. The summit, spearheaded by Randi Levin (the Chief Technology Officer of the City of Los Angeles and General Manager of the city’s Information Technology Agency) and Themy Sparangis (Chief Technology Director of the Los Angeles Unified School District), was an expanded version of The IT Summit’s Information Technology Conference which added a student component called the Future Leaders Summit. The Future Leaders Summit brought hundreds of junior high and high school students to the conference giving them the opportunity to visit educational vendor demonstrations and attend educational presentations from Los Angeles Councilwoman Jan Perry, councilman Tony Cardenas, and many other senior leaders, and giving IT leaders an opportunity to make contact with students, some of whom may be the next generation’s IT professionals.