Synopsis: Making Sense of the New Wireless Standards
WiFi, WiMax, Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g (and the rest of the alphabet). What are they?  How are they used?  How do these standards relate?  Do we need all of them?  Are they secure?  Can these converge with cell phones?  This presentation will compare and contrast the wireless data standards that the IEEE is continuing to develop including security.  Which standards are appropriate for your organization. 

About The Speaker
Mr. Bard Moss is an alumnus of IBM Global Services, where he performed network consulting and design services for a broad spectrum of IBM clients in a variety of industries. Mr. Moss has been involved for over 25 years in the design, management, and implementation (including physical installation) of networking projects for both large and small organizations.  For numerous IBM clients, Bard installed or upgraded their networks with new technologies or improved redundancy and reliability.  An IBM certified IT Architect, Bard specializes in connectivity and network management issues related to Local Area Networks (LANs) and multiprotocol Wide Area Networks (WANs) including leased line, frame relay, ATM, and wireless using Cisco routers and switches.  Prior to joining Global Services, he was an IBM systems engineer and technical project manager on network and infrastructure projects. 

Mr. Moss has a Master of Business Administration from the University of Colorado in Management Science and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Colorado State University.