Topic Synopsis: Artificial Intelligence for the Web, the future of online information management and "New Market" AI technologies.
Artificial Intelligence is simply the ability for a software engine (such as a search engine or a social network) to be able to analyze large amounts of data and then determine the most accurate result based on the analysis. The data is stored and recalled in such a way that the model is actually able to learn on its own and produce results without human intervention.

Beto will be speaking about how artificial intelligence can be used by almost any organization to maximize their marketing and visitor experience on the web.

About the Speaker:
Beto Paredes has worked in the Software and Internet development industry for over 10 years. He holds executive level positions in several progressive technology corporations.

Beto and his team have created the backbone infrastructure for several multi million dollar companies such as WBS Connect and Media Breakaway (Inc 500) out of Colorado and Ultima Online Marketing out of La Jolla California.

Beto’s software engineers have written over 2 million lines of code and along with his team he has completed over 500 projects to date.

Working with software engineers, CIOs, CTOs, creative departments and large sales teams Beto directs a network of over 40 professionals in the Software and Internet development arena.

*CEO, ApogeeInvent Development Group (Apogee Design, Inc)
President, Design for Advertising, Inc
President, Auto Search Technologies, Inc
President, Vaihas (Virtual Artificial Intelligence and Holographic Automated Systems, Inc)
SVP BD, Paramount World Group
CIO, SVP BD eWorld Engineering