Presentation Summary
The challenges women face in the IT industry are unique. This round table discussion brings together some of the top professionals in the public and private industries to discuss their observations of these challenges and their thoughts on solutions. Women still struggle in their rise to the top in the information technology workplace – but they’re still rising. Find out why in this prelude to the upcoming 2008 Women In Technology Conference.

About the Speaker:
Amy Robinson is a Principal of Springline Consulting Group, a business strategy firm that specializes in business plans for start-up companies and growth and transition strategies for existing businesses. Amy grew up in Western Colorado but has found a home in Northwest Arkansas where she helps serve the growing technology industry through her consulting and volunteer efforts. She has acted as a committee member and presenting company mentor for the Arkansas Venture Capital Conference for the past three years. Springline offices with and consults for the Arkansas Research and Technology Park as they strive to bring sustainable innovations to the State.

Amy is also a sought after facilitator for non-profit organizations and a business speaker on diversity issues. She brings her personal passion for diversity awareness to the Women in IT Conference that is brought to the State annually in partnership with the Information Technology Institute Research at the Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas.