About The Speaker
Donald R. Hamilton joined MIPT April 1, 2000 after extended service in Washington and abroad as a senior member of the United States Foreign Service. In July 2003 Hamilton took a one-year leave of absence from MIPT to serve as a senior counselor to Coalition Provisional Authority Administrator L. Paul Bremer.

During Hamilton’s diplomatic career, he served in the Department of State’s Counterterrorism Office and as a senior adviser to the National Commission on Terrorism. He also served at U. S. embassies in Israel, Peru, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Mexico, as well as on a peacekeeping mission in the demilitarized zone in the Sinai Desert.

Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Hamilton lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma from early childhood until he joined the Foreign Service. He attended public schools in Tulsa and graduated from the University of Tulsa. He is married to Regina Lemley and has two sons, Alex and Reed.