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by Fred F. Farkel, Wednesday, November 19th, 2014


If you have a business printer, you know you can’t afford to have it go down and not be able to get it serviced. And it gets a workout you know you are going to have issues with it at some time. So, you buy a service contract.

Might we suggest that you buy an Oki Data printer instead?

First, one major mean of preventing printer failures is buying a printer that can stand up to the environment. A printer that is not likely to fail in the first place. Oki has a reputation for building tough printers. If you need confirmation, look at the computer system in a dusty, grimy environment such as an auto repair shop. Chances are, you will see an Oki Data printer attached to it. In terms of an office printer, instead of an intricate imaging system with numerous moving parts and inherently subject mechanical issues — Oki replaces the traditional laser and rotating mirror and lens system with a stationary array of LEDs (light-emitting diodes) as its light source. Fewer moving parts means fewer mechanical failures.

Corefido_main_splash1Second, Oki is offering 60 months of protection—parts and labor, including transfer belt and fuser replacement—with on-site expert repairs nationwide, and a recycling program that’s easy and eco-correct on  their MC700 Color MFP Series (MC770, MC780, MC780f and MC780fx) and MB700 Monochrome MFP Series (MB760, MB770, MB770f and MB770fx) printers. So, instead of having to purchase extended service contracts for years — service which is generally provided by a third party who may or may not have an official sanction of the printer manufacturer — you can get 5 years of protection provided by the manufacturer.

If you would like more information about this cost-saving offer, you can review the promotional flyer or head over to Oki’s website for more details.

Only Oki Data printers are built Oki tough.

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